Interesting Cases

68 year old lady, hypertensive, presented with severe rest pain, due to a total occlusion of the distal SFA and popliteal artery, recanalisation done with a peripheral stent graft, with complete resolution of symptoms
72 year old diabetic male, presented with a non-healing ulcer on the right heel, due to an occlusion in the distal posterior tibial artery; balloon angioplasty done to recanalise the vessel, after which complete healing of ulcer achieved.
60 year old hypertensive man, presented with sudden onset left sided weakness and slurring of speech, with complete recovery. Asymptomatic for 5 years post carotid angioplasty and stenting.
67 yr old man, severe pain on walking 50 mts, due to left iliac 95% stenosis, for which angioplasty/stenting done. Now can walk painfree.
28 year old lady, presented with bleeding during her cycle, due to uterine fibroids, bleeding controlled by uterine artery embolisation.
40 year old soldier, presented with left leg swelling, due to chronic DVT affecting the iliac veins, recanalisation done with stenting.